Faith in Action: The Junior Service Project

The junior service project starts in May of sophomore year and continues till April of junior year. It all starts with the sophomore retreat that is organized my Mrs. Selmer. During the retreat
students are given the chance to hear about how service and faith correlate. After the retreat is when students have free reign to begin working towards achieving their 30 hours of service.

As a whole, the service project is a way for students to put their faith into action. The requirements state that students must do direct service with a non profit organization. They are provided with a list of recommended and approved sites, but they are not limited to those. Another requirement is that once a student chooses their service site, a form must be filled
out so that the site can be approved by Mrs. May.

After the project deadline is reached there is an exit interview held in theology classes. During the interview, students will share and reflect on their experiences with their classmates. So not only do students get the opportunity to experience acts of service, but they take time to reflect on what that experience meant