The Unspoken Rules of the Fenwick Parking Garage

The Fenwick Parking Garage holds about 300 student cars. Before every school year, 300 garage permits are sold to Fenwick students. The permits come to students as a parking tag. A new tag must be purchased and renewed on an annual basis. The rules seem simple: students must drive safely, parking tags must be displayed from the rearview mirror, always drive carefully through the parking lot, and slow down at entrances and exits. However, what are the unspoken rules of the parking lot? Junior Rose Fagiolo says, “Get out as soon as possible or you’ll be stuck.” This means that when getting in your car after school, it is best to leave as soon as possible. Rather than waiting or talking with friends, because more traffic will make it harder to get out. Fagiolo continues, “Even if you’re in the lines, it does matter how your parking job is or you’ll have a hard time getting out of your car.” When parking you want to make sure that you can get out of your car safely without being too close to the other vehicle to minimize the chances of a collision. Lastly, she explains, “Look around because sometimes there will be an unexpected person running behind your car with no warning, or vice versa. When you’re walking to your car make sure you watch because sometimes drivers won’t.” Always be sure to look around, sometimes people will walk without noticing that a car might be backing up. It is always safer to double-check that everything is ok before exiting your parking spot. Overall, be careful, aware, and allow yourself enough time to enter/exit a spot. Following both the spoken, and unspoken, rules will help one be safe.