How Can You Show Yourself Self-Love During Valentine’s Day?

     When thinking of Valentine’s Day, this holiday is typically characterized by acts of showing love to your significant other or someone special to you. Due to the nature of the holiday, we take for granted some of the most important people we should be treating with special care: ourselves.

     One way to practice self-love this Valentine’s Day is by making or eating food you love. Whether you like to cook or not, food is a universal thing that can make anyone happy. So, take this time to bake some cookies and cakes, and to treat yourself with all your favorite foods. Eating food you love is proven to have multiple health benefits, such as better nutritional status, improved self trust and comfort, and so many more.

     Another way to practice self-love is through self-care. Self-care can be done for both your physical and mental health. A great way to promote your physical health is to take a bath or go to a spa. This is a great way to relax and take time and reflect on supporting your mental health. An alternative way of doing this is journaling. Journaling is known to be very therapeutic for all ages and improves your overall self-confidence.

     Lastly, a way to practice self-love is by treating yourself in ways that make you happy and putting yourself first. It is not everyday that you can make time to cherish and appreciate yourself, so use this day to acknowledge your own accomplishments, growth, and well-being.

     Overall, this Valentine’s Day, you should focus on being kind to yourself. You deserve to take a day to take care of yourself and do the things you love. So many of us too often mistake this holiday for only people in relationships, but in reality, this day should just be meant to show not only each other, but also ourselves, appreciation.