En Vogue: The Fenwick Mothers’ Club Fashion Show

     “You must always have faith in people. And most importantly, you must always have faith in yourself.” -Elle Woods. 

     This quote encompasses the pride of The Fenwick community for managing to pull off such an amazing event in difficult times. The Fenwick Mothers’ Club (FMC), through hard work and persistence, managed to pull off one of the most pivotal events of the year: the fashion show. The night before everything closed down on March 13, 2020, the Fenwick Mothers’ Club had the event on March 12. This year’s Fenwick Mothers’ Club Fashion show took place on April 23 with the sequence of events remaining the same as the previous years. 

     Guests arrived to boutique shopping from a wide range of brands available from Barron Metal Art to Winona Street Designs. In addition to the boutique, attendees this year also got brand new swag bags, which gave vendors an opportunity to distribute samples, flyers and coupons according to Debi Seligmann, the president of FMC. 

     The fashion show also implemented a wide range of items to bid on virtually. My personal favorite would definitely be “A Day in the Life of a Fenwick Student,” with its sense of realism towards how Fenwick students really live, including a Friar favorite—alpine sandwiches. That was just one of the great items up for auction. The auction also included a Valentino bag, an adulting for men’s gift package, and an adulting for women’s package. In honor of FMC’s fortieth year of having the fashion show, they also raffled the new fitness mirror by Lululemon. This included a year of fitness classes, and there were a total of 200 tickets sold to win this prize. Another prize that the FMC was very proud of was the diamond raffle, which was a beautiful diamond necklace. 

     In addition to the wonderful prizes, there were also beautiful clothes at the fashion show, with most of them being modeled by the Fenwick seniors and some more Friar favorites. Father Peddicord, the president of Fenwick, rocked an amazing look with a touch of fur. And teachers Ms. Power and Mr. Jerger wowed the crowd with their high fashion. Ms. Erwin, the director of annual giving. mother of Michael Erwin, and a model in the fashion show, also walked the runway, as did Ms. Nowicki, the director of Kairos. 

     Some highlights of the evening included the fabulous emceeing from Nick Polston and Caroline Darrow, and the performance by musician Will Chioda. Highlights also included seeing the fabulous female Friars walk the stage with their fathers and the boys of Fenwick walking the stage with their mothers. This was an amazing event for the Class of 2021 as graduation approaches, and one that will be remembered because of all the hard work that enabled the Fenwick community to have this event.