Il Circolo Italiano

     The many clubs at Fenwick offer activities of all kinds, but few clubs mix both foreign languages and customs with everyday life as easily as Italian Club. Italian Club is a place for everyone, whether the members speak the language or love the culture. In the past, Italian Club has done many fun activities, and it remains determined to cultivate Italian culture even in the pandemic. The opportunities that the club offers includes an Eataly trip and playing Bocce ball against other clubs. 

     The club has many plans for 2021. “I’ve loved learning more about the Italian culture… my favorite activity we did this year would have to be the lemon cookies, my grandparents loved those…” says Alexander Ponzio, a freshman who is looking forward to the activities that the club is doing this year. The club also made traditional lemon cookies, which were widely popular with everyone in the club, because they were easy to make and yummy. According to Alexander Ponzio, his family loved the lemon cookie recipe, stating, “The lemon cookie recipe may become a family Christmas dish now.”

     The moderator of the club, Ms. Hennessey, is also excited for the activities that the club is going to do this year. She has many ideas for what the club could possibly do later this year, like a tour of a local Italian bread factory, Turano Bread, or lunch at a corner store called Freddy’s. According to Ms. Hennessey, she absolutely loved the club’s Italian trip. “The Italian trip is by far my favorite thing,” she said. The Italian trip was started in 2016 to allow students to get hands-on experience practicing their Italian language skills in Italy. Her favorite thing to do that is exclusive to Italian Club is the Eataly tour, when the club does what is called the “Piccolo Tour,” a tour that allows the students to try different Italian foods.

     The Italian Club is full of personality. This close-knit and vibrant group within the Fenwick community enjoys one another while seamlessly blending American and Italian culture.