Student Council Announces New Spirit Days

     Fenwick Student Council has announced new spirit days, to foster school spirit and community.

     Mrs. Kotty, who has worked with the Student Council for 17 years and has been moderator for 12 years, talked about the process of implementing spirit days. The Student Leadership team met throughout the summer to discuss plans for the year, and this is what paved the way for spirit days.

     Fenwick Student Council has also planned a number of events with the primary goal of fostering school spirit. Student Council launched an Instagram called @fenwickstuco, and it will be launching a Rock, Paper, Scissors tournament.

     Student Council has made several changes over the years. They have established co-presidents, senior leaders and junior leaders. This year, the co-presidents are Anna Dray and Caroline Darrow. The leaders of Student council have worked to receive more privileges such as dress-down days. Anna Dray, a co-president of Student Council, says that Student Council hopes to gradually add more spirit days. Student council is even working up to a spirit week.

     Dray emphasizes the best ways to keep school spirit at a high: “I think we all need to be there for each other and keep spreading ideas for ways we can have friendly and safe competitions, fun theme days, and Friar community support for different events that are still going on. Don’t give up hope on a great year!” Caroline Darrow, a co-president, also shared her hopes for the Fenwick community. She hopes for fun, unique spirit days. The Fenwick community should stay tuned for more fun spirit days to come!