Best Hacks to Handle Fall 2020 in Style


Emily Androwich

     Fall 2020 is definitely a very different school year than any we’ve ever had before. There are students e-learning and of course students utilizing the hybrid schedule. Wearing masks is also an adjustment to our community. Despite the situation, as a community, we are striving to do our best and adapt to our new environment to keep everyone safe and healthy. Here are some essential Friar “hacks” for Fall 2020:

     Here’s what I’ve learned over the years in regard to backpacks. For starters, pay attention to the size. Reflective things come in many forms and should come in one you can put on your backpack. In addition to a keychain, a lunchbox clip is essential if you pack lunch.

     Another hack that every student should know is to keep hand sanitizer in your backpack. Always have extra face masks, and don’t forget that they have to be in uniform.

     Every Fenwick student should keep in mind to bring a water bottle. But be sure to put that water bottle in a waterproof backpack compartment. Having water is important to staying hydrated and healthy.

     Another thing students find to be essential is an assignment notebook. This simple school supply is so helpful, and it is especially useful when it comes time for homework. A pencil case is also smart to carry around, and so are notebooks.

     Another key element to remember about this year is that all the windows will be open in the classrooms. On days that are colder, having an in-uniform sweatshirt will be very helpful.

     I sincerely hope you found these hacks useful as we navigate our way into the unknown.