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November 1 Labeled Scarier than October 31 by Fenwick Seniors

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November 1 Labeled Scarier than October 31 by Fenwick Seniors

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There are shivers in the air. Sweaters and pumpkins are appearing everywhere. Everywhere you go, you see students in Fenwick quarter zips and sweaters clustered in clumps for greater protection. Their enemy? College applications.

That’s right, it’s that season again (no— not the spooky one, the other one): college application season. The November 1st deadline looms in the distance. Nightmares of missing transcripts and technologically clueless teachers forgetting to send recommendation letters fill seniors’ sleep. Fenwick senior Avyn Alairys perfectly summed up the thoughts of all: “AAAAHHHHHH!”

“There’s nothing spookier than early apps,” senior Maria Castellanos explained. Most Fenwick students apply early action or early decision to several schools (in the second case, against the advice of Mr. Borsch).

I’m applying early action to five schools, all with the same deadline— November 1st. Halloween may be the night before, but I’m not scared of little kids wearing masks and cheesy skeletons jumping out from behind fake coffins. I’m not even scared of not getting any candy.

No, it’s what follows that fills me with ice-cold, paralyzing terror— November 1st, the date that crushes dreams; the date that destroys; the date I would do anything to push further away. Not just a deadline, THE deadline.

As long as October stretches ahead, I am safe. I still have time to climb through mountains of supplemental essays, triple-checking for typos and misspellings, wade through hours of paperwork, and complete the usual hours of homework each night. Or, as Harper Daniels put it, “RIP in pieces.”

There is no hope for me, or you. We are all doomed. God has spoken, and he has told us the date of his reckoning: November 1st.
However, not all seniors appear concerned. “Wait, we’re going to college next year?” asked senior Michael Mack when I asked him how he planned to prepare.

For those of you underclassmen who haven’t even begun to think about college yet, I envy you. You do not know the feeling of a website crashing, deleting hours of work. You do not know stress. You do not know fear. You see, true fear is not a feeling. It is a creature. And it is coming for you.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I still need to get my applications for three schools in. AAAAAHHHHHH!

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November 1 Labeled Scarier than October 31 by Fenwick Seniors