Women’s History Month In Review

March is Women’s History Month and has been a celebration of women since the 80s. Although back then, it wasn’t considered as big of a deal or even talked about as much as today. Women’s History Month is a celebration of how far women have come in our society through persistence, confidence, and taking on leadership roles. At Fenwick, there are many examples of women in not only leadership roles but positions of great responsibility and continuing legacy. Here you’ll find women filling these positions and their experiences.

Women over history have been stereotyped in ways that were hard to overcome. Fenwick’s Girl’s Water Polo Coach, Coach Timmons, has explained her motivations for Water Polo as building a team, where young women see other women in leadership roles and one where everyone is supported in a way they may otherwise not be. She said it is important for girls to see that they can be successful as leaders and so they can see themselves in those position. Confidence, to her, is key to overcoming obstacles presented. The ideas of never backing down and believing in yourself is what she wants represented on her team and shown to young women.

Women entering leadership positions has been challenging overtime. This school year, Mrs. Iremia took on the position of Interim Director of Student Services; however, this is not her first experience in a leadership role. She began her first leadership role approximately ten years ago as a Department Chairperson and then as Dean of Students. She described her experience as much different than the present times. When Mrs. Iremia was first introduced in this position, she felt like she was of less importance and under represented on the Leadership Team. Since she’s been at Fenwick, she has strived to ensure that everyone is heard and represented. Her tip for women is to, “Never back down. If there’s something you feel that’s important and needs to be done, stay the course.” As a woman in a key leadership role, she’ followed this advice, and she advises other women to follow what they believe. She stressed the importance of never backing down and always doing what is right.

These women in strong leadership roles have expressed their desire for all women to know their worth. They stress that no matter what the circumstances, everyone deserves to be heard and never disrespected for their gender. These amazing women work hard to empower and welcome young women at Fenwick.