BFG’s Fall Productions

Clue and Riviera Revisited

This year BFG is trying something different by putting on two one-act plays, Clue and Riviera Revisited, an original play by our own Mr. Schoeph. “I love how both of the one-act fall plays are so vastly different. It lets the actors use their creativity in a variety of ways,” says James Leonardi, who stars in the lead role in both productions. With his own writing and directing, Mr. Schoeph has created a fun, diverse, and phenomenal experience this year for the actors, and audience. Maria Romero, who also plays lead in both one acts, says “If I could describe the plays in three words, it would have to be chaotic, exciting, and fun.” Late-night rehearsals have become a hallmark of BFG, and even as the actors risk their sleep schedules, they cannot help but revel in the chaos of the production. Leonardi describes Clue as, “whimsical, mysterious, hysterical, to die for”, and Riviera Revisited as a “beautiful story, endearing, warm”. These two separate stories have captured the hearts of the cast, and it shows. Even director Mr. Schoeph addressed this by saying, “I was apprehensive about the actors’ reaction, but I was thrilled by their positive response. It was overwhelming.”

Members of the cast also have many favorite parts they found to be hysterical. Maria says, “my favorite thing about Clue is the fact that we get to be our most ridiculous scooby-doo self and it’s amazing. It’s so comical and there is so much going on you can never get bored.” In addition, Leonardi commented on some of his favorite memories of the production, “My favorite moment has been working with some of my favorite theater friends at Fenwick because they mean so much to me.” The memories that the cast and crew create together are a key part of the production, and the reason why BFG is able to create stunning shows year after year. It is because of moments and core memories like these that will remain with the cast for years to come.