A Tribute to America’s Golden Girl

     One of Oak Park’s very own, actress Betty Marion White, recently passed away on December 31, 2021, just weeks from her 100th birthday. This devastated many people around the world because she was a beloved celebrity figure and was world renowned. The infamous sitcom, Golden Girls, was one of Betty White’s biggest platforms as she was one of the four women in the show known as Rose Nylund. The show premiered in 1985, airing year after year until 1992. Before her death, Betty continued the Golden Girl legacy of being the only Golden Girl alive. 

     Betty White also acted on The Mary Tyler Moore Show as Sue Ann Nivens. She entertained people night after night with her relatable, funny, and charismatic personality. Impressively, she went on to win eight Emmys in her career and several other awards. Towards the end of her career, she made SNL history by being the oldest person to host at 88 years old.

     Betty White contributed to the world not only through entertainment, but also through her passion for helping others. Before her passing, to celebrate her 100th birthday, Betty started the #bettywhitechallenge, which has helped many animals find homes and shelters. The challenge hopes that people donate five dollars to their local animal shelter and rescue center to help the animals that do not have a home. Betty has also been a member of the Los Angeles Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals since 1940. Her astoundingly loving heart was considerate of all the creatures on the earth. Her empathy transpired through the screen for people to connect. Many people will remember Betty White as a trailblazer to the entertainment community and someone that they look up to. Her legacy will live on forever as America’s golden girl.