Friars, You Must Watch These Halloween Movies

     There are five movies that are essential to the quintessential Halloween experience. These movies are It, Beetlejuice, The Addams Family (the original one of course), Ghostbusters, and Young Frankenstein. There are also some special mentions that I don’t include on my list of essentials, but are fan favorites: Hocus Pocus, Carrie, and The Nightmare Before Christmas (which is technically both a Halloween and Christmas movie).


Cece’s Tagline: Don’t trust manipulative clowns in the sewer, kids!

The scariest movie on this list, It, has the oh so predictable elements of jump scares and death. However, that’s not saying that these movie scares weren’t still surprising and scary for someone like me (a.k.a, a scaredy-cat). The movie is set in 1988, after a young boy’s (Billy) brother goes missing three months before. Billy and his friends then truly find out what happened to his brother, while also dealing with bullies and a bit of romance. Some of the most worthy lessons from this movie are to not go up or down stairs when a psychotic monster is chasing you, that clowns are quite scary, and apparently the parents in horror movies are non- existent. 

Rating: 7/10

Why this rating?: Although too scary for me, the acting was good and so was the plot. My biggest criticisms of the movie stem from the fact that it was very predictable. It became almost a bit boring because the theme seemed to just be death, and a lot of it, especially at the beginning of the movie.


Cece’s Tagline: Three words; Iconic. Pinstripe. Suit.

I love, love, love Beetlejuice and would watch it any time of the year. It is funny, ridiculous, and oh so entertaining. I showed two of my friends this movie the night of homecoming, and they loved it. It is so entertaining. I mean who doesn’t love a Michael Keaton playing an undead demon who can’t say his own name, an undead couple, and a possessed Catherine O’Hara? Some other movie moments I loved were any Winona Ryder scene and the dinner party scene. Another thing that is amazing about this movie is the adapted musical, which is even better than the movie. The best song from the musical is definitely “Say My Name.” This should be on Halloween movie watchlists because of how funny and entertaining it is. Everyone needs a bit of Beetlejuice in their lives.

Rating: 10/10

Why this rating?: This movie is perfect. Granted, I don’t know what the writers were thinking with the insanity of some scenes, but the movie works. It is funny and interesting, and Halloween movie perfection, blending scary, funny and strange all in one.

The Addams Family (1991):

Cece’s Tagline: buh buh dah dum *snap snap*

This movie is kooky, scary, and spooky. The Addams Family is hilarious, and every time I see it I find myself wanting to meet the family. The family draws you in with all their weird habits, and the mystery factor in this movie keeps the suspense alive. The biggest criticism I have of this movie is that it can be slow and unentertaining at points. However, the reason this movie should be added to the Fenwick watchlist is because this movie is funny, interesting, and quite weird. But who doesn’t love strange Halloween movies?

Rating: 8/10

Why this rating?: This movie may not be the best, but it is a cult favorite. The kooky family is hilarious, and I found myself falling in love with the silliness of the Addams family.


Cece’s Tagline: Middle aged men and ghosts, what could go wrong?

Ghostbusters is amazing. Period. However, it is outdated and that can irritate some. The ghosts are always fun to watch, but the scenes with Dana and Peter can be uncomfortable to watch at points. My personal favorite parts of the movie are the Slimer scenes and all of the ghost scenes in general because they are very entertaining. There are some problematic parts in this movie though. All in all, it is a good movie, with a fun lesson. Ghostbusters should be on everyone’s Halloween movie list because of the silliness; that’s what makes it perfect for this list.

Rating: 9/10

Why this rating?: This movie is entertaining and fun. However, the only thing that’s keeping me from rating it a 10/10 is the fact that there are some outdated and problematic scenes and plot points in the movie. 

Young Frankenstein:

Cece’s Tagline: “Bluher!”

Young Frankenstein is funny, entertaining, and all around just memorable. The script manages to keep a balance between funny and crossing the line, while still keeping the movie lighthearted. It is such a surprise to me that so many people don’t know this movie exists! Also, the writing and acting of this movie makes it perfect to create timeless jokes with your friends. This movie should be watched around the school because it is sure to put a smile on anyone’s face. I’m quite certain the Fenwick students and teachers could all use a movie to make them grin.

Rating: 10/10

Why this rating?: This movie is a memorable movie, and I find very few faults in this movie. From “Bluher!”, to “Fraunch-einstein!”, this movie is full of iconic quotes and will leave you laughing for hours.