Broadway is Back in Business!

     With the coronavirus vaccine reaching Americans, events and places are opening their curtains and welcoming the public again. This includes theaters all across the United States. Theater fanatics are ecstatic about the news. The negativity in the news is certainly devastating, but having a way to escape, such as attending a Broadway show, can bring a sense of normalcy to people’s lives. Going to see a show in person can transport you to a new world. Reopening Broadway gives people an outlet to escape reality.

     With the recent outbreak of the Delta variant, there will need to be space in between the audience members in theatres. The CDC guideline states that “[t]o reduce the risk of being infected with the Delta variant and possibly spreading it to others, wear a mask indoors in public if you are in an area of substantial or high transmission.” Theatres will have to take this guideline seriously as some people are not vaccinated due to medical exemptions or personal choices.

     In theatres around the country, there will be certain restrictions. There will be certain seats or rows crossed off, and everyone will be required to wear a mask. For example, Fenwick’s theatre program requires their performers to wear masks and social distance. Students don’t go into the backstage area unless they are getting ready. All big ensemble numbers are spaced out. 

     The Kennedy Center, a theater in Washington D.C., states that “to ensure our patrons’ health and security, as well as the safety of our performers and staff, the Kennedy Center has implemented the following policy: Proof of full vaccination against COVID-19 is required to attend all indoor performances and events at the Kennedy Center. Children under 12 years of age and patrons with a medical condition or a closely-held religious belief that prevents vaccination must provide proof of a recent negative COVID-19 PCR test to attend an indoor performance.” With the reopening of Broadway comes some regulations, but audiences across the country are willing to pay this price in order to enjoy their favorite shows.