Quarantine in Review: Friars’ Favorite Shelter-in-Place Shows

     Times have been weird, to say the least, for the last nine months. Normally, I’d suggest going out into the world and find something to do, but it would seem that just about everywhere is still either closed, or just not quite the same. Chances are, you’ve been stuck inside a lot more recently and need a direction when you aren’t busy with school. Lucky for you, here are some Fenwick student’s suggestions for tv series that have helped keep them entertained over the summer and in quarantine.

Grey’s Anatomy – “During quarantine, I watched Grey’s Anatomy. I enjoyed watching this show because it was a great show to binge. Not only did I go through several emotions while watching the show, I actually learned some things which help me in my anatomy class I am taking this year! The show is amazing and it’s definitely worth watching. It really shows how life can be so short and that we must do what we love with the time we have. It shows what great friendships are like and that miracles can happen. I seriously recommend this show to anyone!”

-Demi Ovalle

You – “I watched the Netflix original, You. It was very interesting to me because even though the main character is a serial killer and stalker, I still ended up having my favoritism take over and side with him. The show is very suspenseful and left me watching episode after episode until I finished the two seasons” -Kayln McKay

Titans – “It’s got a really engaging story, some nice callbacks for comic/DC lovers, [and] awesome character/costume design in my opinion. And the fighting choreography is really good and has some great music. The fighting is better than most shows I’ve watched because there are some moments where they use realistic CGI.”

-Elijah Bolger

The Great British Baking Show – “The show is full of kind contestants that help and comfort each other during the stressful bakes. It made me happy because it proved that there are people out in the world who are there for you especially during stressful times like Corona. I also love baking.”

-Jane Oberlies

Breaking Bad – “I really loved this show for the characters. It was super easy to get lost in the show and to sympathize with Walt through all the bad stuff he did. It did a great job of keeping me hooked and the characters and smart writing for the show [are] what made me watch it a second time, all in one month.”

-Tate Daniels; also suggested by many others

The Good Place – “I enjoyed it because I loved watching all these ethical and moral problems played out. It also forced me to consider if I was actually a good person. It also surprisingly had a lot of info on my favorite philosophers.”

-Charlize Guerrero

Upload – “It was funny and entertaining and I always wanted to know what would happen next, and I found myself defending Jacob because I was worrying over the fate of Jacob and his family.”

-Eric Kornowske

Money Heist/La Casa de Papel – “Very tense, lovable characters, great soundtrack, and a great plot.” -Vince Beltran

New Girl – “It made me smile when I felt sad and fell in love with the characters.” -Mia Scharpf

*Honorable Mentions – Avatar the Last Airbender, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, The Boys, Dark, Death Note, and The Witcher.