What to Watch When Sheltered in Place: The Best Movies and TV of Quarantine

With school closed, extracurriculars cancelled, social-distancing implemented, and public places shut down, the coronavirus pandemic has brought a halt to the typically busy days of Fenwick students. As we enter our fourth week of the stay-at-home order, many Friars have found themselves with much more time than usual, and with a much greater need for a distraction from the 24/7 coverage of the coronavirus. So when you have finished your e-learning assignments for the day, here is a list of some of the best shows and movies to watch to get your mind off of the virus and into a great story! 

To delight kids relegated to their homes, Disney decided to make two early movie releases on Disney+. Frozen II, the highly-anticipated continuation of the 2013 instant classic, certainly lives up to every fan’s expectations—and after all, who can resist singing reindeer? Onward, a story about fantastic creatures living in a world that has lost its magic, is a heartwarming tale about brotherly love brought to life by Tom Holland (Ian Lightfoot) and Chris Pratt (Barley Lightfoot). Also on Disney+ is Encore, a twelve-part series sure to appeal to every member of Fenwick’s BFG. Each episode reunites the cast from one school’s high school musical. The results are sometimes impressive, often endearing and always hilarious! Finally, as any sophomore theology student knows, The Mandalorian is a personal favorite of Dr. King, and it is a sure hit with any Star Wars fan. Even if you are not necessarily well versed in Wookiees, Ewoks and droids, one glimpse of baby Yoda is certain to bring a smile on even the worst day. 

New on Netflix is the seven-episode adaptation of a graphic novel of the same name, I Am Not Okay With This. The show stars It: Chapter One actors Sophia Lillis and Wyatt Oleff, and it tells the story of a teenage girl navigating friendships, a school dance and new-found superpowers. This program would be great for fans of Stephen King or Stranger Things. Speaking of Stranger Things, it is never too late to revisit the Upside Down. Just seeing Steve Harrington in his sailor suit should be motivation enough to rewatch all three seasons. Fans of the show might also enjoy Dark, a German thriller that is part Goonies, part Stranger Things and all suspense at every twist and turn. 

For those not too fond of sci-fi, other binge-able quarantine favorites include the Great British Baking Show, Next in Fashion, and the newest fashion show from the dynamic duo themselves, Tim Gunn and Heidi Klum, Amazon Prime’s Making the Cut. The best part of the show is that each week’s winner has the chance to sell the winning look on Amazon so that all of the viewers can rock the new style. 

Finally, for me and my family, absolute quarantine necessities have been The Office and Parks and Recreation because even in the midst of a global crisis, we all need a Michael Scott Fun Run and a Leslie Knope Harvest Festival to bring a smile to each of our faces. 

So, as we travel into the unknown, remember that the force is with each and every one of us, Friars, and although we may not be “okay with this” quarantine, just know that anything is possible with sufficient amounts of Eggo waffles, miniature horses, bears, beets, and Battlestar Galactica. Stay strong, Friars!