Banua is Back, 2020

Now that winter break is over and the second semester quickly approaching, Fenwick student are getting back to work. However, with the chill of winter setting in, Banua 2020 is right around the corner.
Banua is one of Fenwick’s greatest traditions; part talent show, part comedy sketch, it is a whole lot of fun! Banua showcases all of the talent Fenwick has to offer, from dancers leaping across the stage to comedic genius’ causing belly laughs, it is a roller coaster that never stops.
As Junior Manager of Banua, Mary Rose Nelligan puts it best, Banua is a beautiful mesh of people everywhere in the school coming together to make a show.
This year, the Banua crew is deciding to change it up a little. The new director for Banua, Mr. Faille, has decided to step up and keep the show running with fresh new ideas while keeping the traditional Fenwick spirit. He is trying to get a more diverse set of talents displayed in Banua.
Caroline Darrow and many of the other skit writers are excited to see what Mr. Faille has in store for Banua 2020, and they believe it will be the best Banua yet. Banua is known for its hilarious skits and even better impressions. While most of the acts and skits in Banua are best kept a surprise for show night, Junior Caroline Darrow was able to share a little bit more about the show. She said that the two acts she is most looking forward to, the first
being the classic Banua news.
The Banua news is always the last skit of the show, reflecting a skit on Saturday Night Live called Weekend Updates. It is where the seniors of Banua present a satire of a news cast, informing the audience of all the “breaking news” of Fenwick. Darrow says that this year, the skit writers are putting even more effort into the closing skit, hoping to add more substance and material.
Another act that Darrow thought will be a show stopper is the senior song. This year, around 75 of the seniors will be singing the song played to them on the first day of Freshman Orientation. While Darrow can’t give too much away, she says that it will bring some tears to the show.
As always, Banua is one of highlights of Fenwick. As advice to younger class men, Junior Kaylee Wilson says that if you had to go see one Blackfriars Guild show, Banua would be it.
With excitement from both the producers from Banua and the students looking foreword to see it, Banua will come quicker than you realize. So don’t forget to buy tickets for Banua on Saturday Febuary 8th!