Simone Biles Raises the Bar in Women’s Gymnastics

     One way to describe Simone Biles: the best gymnast of all time. A few other ways to 

describe her are fearless, brave, and empowering. She started out as a little girl in Ohio with a hard past and a great talent; then, she went on to become one of the most renowned athletes in the world. Simone Biles is raising the bar in women’s gymnastics with her wit, determination, and of course, her record-breaking moves. 

     Biles’ accomplishments go all the way back to 2013, when she won her first world all-around competition. Since then, she has earned six all-around titles as well as gold medal in the 2016 Olympics. She has blown every other gymnast out of the water. 

     On Day One of her competition, after a rather messy performance (that still topped that of any other female gymnast), she completed a ‘triple-double’ on the floor, also known as the most difficult skill a female gymnast has ever attempted in this level of competition; few male gymnasts have ever done it. She also landed a perfect balance beam dismount called a ‘double-double.’ If she completes this move at the German World Championships this October, it will be named after her.

     These moves will change the Women’s Code of Points and its expectations of female gymnasts. After Biles’ astounding achievements, the ‘double-double’ became a requirement for women gymnasts on the floor. Her moves required that judges come up with a new system. With every performance, it seems, she exemplifies a new technique. 

     Biles’ athletic achievements are not the only impressive things about her. She is not afraid to speak out, stand up for women everywhere, and encourage girls to follow their dreams. Recently, Biles spoke out against Larry Nassar and his abuse, as well as USA gymnastics for failing to protect the female gymnasts from mistreatment. She uses her place to encourage children to take care of themselves and to do what they want to do. With her integrity and courage, she has changed women’s lives and united female gymnasts. 

     Simone Biles may well be nothing short of the greatest female gymnast in the world. Her impressive maneuvers have changed women’s judging in competition, as well as the standards for what female gymnasts thought they could do. Her confidence in speaking out against injustice and unfairness have challenged expectations of female gymnasts’ public behavior. There is no doubt that she has raised the bar in women’s gymnastics, and she will continue doing so until a true legend is born.