New Month Brings New Music

Are you looking for good new music to get you through this time of the year? Everyone could always use some new, uplifting tunes!

​LANY, an American indie pop band, has three albums that address real life heartbreak and coping with relationships through songs with strong beats and memorable lyrics. “Super Far” is a great song to listen to when dancing, driving, or simply hanging out with friends. It plays with unexpected harmonies and is a song for everyone. In addition, “Good Girls” is another song with a faster beat and catchy chorus. Having more of a pop sound, this song is fun to play at events and is sure to be a crowd-pleaser. All of LANY’s albums consist of emotional and creative songs that are great to listen to either alone or with friends. Newest album, Malibu Nights has great pieces including “Thru These Tears” and “If You See Her” that provide an intensity in sound with a simplicity in lyrics that is very captivating. Lead singer, Paul Klein, has a unique voice that blends perfectly with his songs and creates a wonderful performance live.

Lany aren’t the only ones with a unique sound on their new music. Quinn XCII’s music plays with being both calming and exciting with a juxtaposition of soft and harsh tones throughout his albums. Besides his well-known hit, “Straightjacket”, his newest album titled— From Michigan with Love shares relatable, slower songs that are simply enjoyable to listen to alone while driving. Specifically, “Tough” and “Life Must Go On” are feel-good songs that are especially relatable for teenagers. All of Quinn XCII’s lyrics are well-written and quite clever with play-on words. From his shorter album, Changes of Scenery, top song “Another Day in Paradise” shares a positive message and creates a memorable beat. If you are ever feeling down, Quinn’s music is likely to raise your spirits.

Although he is a more well known singer, Hozier’s music is timeless and very individual. Each song has a distinct and different sound, Hozier never fails to surprise his audience. Besides his main hit, “Take Me to Church”, his other songs are both passionate and poetic. “From Eden” and “Someone New” are songs that showcase Hozier’s transcendent, textured voice with a simplistic sound. In addition, his newest songs featured on Wasteland, Baby! such as “Nina Cried Power” and “Movement” are much more exhilarating and emotionally-rich as both songs continuously build upon where they began. As Hozier’s soaring voice and epic music gett increasingly popular, he still retains his unique sense of artistry. Ukrainian ballet dancer, Sergei Polunin, danced to both “Take Me to Church” and “Movement”. Polunin’s dancing is inspirational and moving as he, similarly to Hozier, has the ability to take one’s breath away instantly. Hozier’s music is great to listen to, and even better to dance to like Sergei Polunin.

​With new and old albums whose songs stand to be ageless, The 1975’s music is indescribable and releases countless emotions. Ranging from their classic hit, “Girls” to a more recent sound, “A Change of Heart”, both songs are dynamic and showcase singer Matthew Healy’s vocals. The 1975’s first album was undeniably successful in 2013 and their songs are still enjoyed by many today. Newer albums, such as I Like It When You Sleep, for You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware of It and A Brief Inquiry into Online Relationships, share a wide range of songs that consist of various sounds and rhythms. Many likely recall Senior Laura Kelly’s phenomenal performance of “The Sound” at Banua that portrays the uplifting nature of The 1975. Overall, The 1975 continues to provide innovative songs that surprise their audience and show their range of talent and creativity.

​ Music is always a great outlet that allows one to feel better and find a source of happiness and connection. Although these are only few of many talented artists, LANY, Quinn XCII, Hozier, and The 1975 provide different sounds that can help one feel good. If ever looking for other new artists, this summer’s Lollapalooza Music Festival is expected to have upcoming alternative artists who are growing in popularity. Each artist listed above has attended Lollapalooza at least once, and it is possible that they will return in the future. Keep on listening to feel-good music and remember, as Bob Marley wisely said, “One good thing about music, when it hits you, feel no pain.”