Must-See Winter Movies

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As the weather gets colder, every cinema-lovers heart fills with warmth. This winter, some of the most anticipated movies of the year are going to be released. 2018’s winter film season contains everything from holiday films, to sequels, and even Oscar candidates. There are so many movies to choose from! This guide will help you with your end of the year movie list.

Mary Poppins is back. A new rendition of one of the most famous childhood movies is set to go on the big screen this Christmas. Mary Poppins Returns stars actress Emily Blunt as the iconic main character. With a new generation of Banks children, comes a new take on how Mary Poppins can bring joy and happiness to a sad family’s life. With a lot of singing, dancing, and magic, this stunning movie will definitely leave the audience in a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious mood.

Disney’s The Nutcracker and the Four Realms is the classic Christmas ballet story told in a new way. Clara has always wanted to find a key. It was not any regular key. It would be able to open the box of her deceased mother, which contained a gift for Clara. On Christmas Eve, she is sent away to a new magical universe. However, this story has a mysterious twist. There are untold truths about the four realms and Clara will soon discover them.

Aquaman is the new DC Comics movie. Actor Jason Momoa plays the superhero, Aquaman, who is the heir to the throne of Atlantis. The movie follows his journey to becoming king. The superhero’s main purpose is to protect the sea by any means necessary; however, this task may become more challenging. Aquaman must obtain the power of the trident before his opponents do. If he loses, the city will be full of destruction. The power of uniting the land and sea is all in his hands.

Mr. Grinch is back! The Grinch is a continuation of how the grumpy Grinch celebrates the holiday season. He celebrates by not observing Christmas cheer at all. If anything, he finds it annoying. This year, the Whos want to make their Christmas celebration the biggest that it has ever been. So the Grinch realizes what he has to do: he needs to steal Christmas.

Transformers fans, this one’s for you. Bumblebee is the latest addition to the Transformers series. Charlie, who is played by Actress Hailee Steinfeld, ventures into a junkyard and finds a beetle car. Since it is her birthday, she decides to buy it. Little does she know that the car is not just any car. Before her eyes, the beetle transforms into Bumblebee the Transformer. This movie shows the development of their true friendship and how far one will go to protect their loved ones.

Welcome to Marwen is a touching, fictional story, based off of a true event. After getting attacked by Nazis, the main character, Mark Hogancamp, loses his memory. He used to be an amazing artist, but now he has lost all creative hope. However, one thing helps him cope. His miniature World War II figurines give him advice on how to handle his current situation. This film shows Mark’s battle with PTSD and how the women in his life help to make him a stronger man.

Who knew Sherlock Holmes could be so funny? Well the new movie, Holmes & Watson, is sure to be one of the most comical films of this season. It is based on the adventures Holmes and Watson shared in Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s novels. The movie follows Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson, as they try to solve a case in only four days. If nothing is solved, the Queen of England will be killed.

Vox Lux is a mix of pop and tragedy. Two sisters, Celeste and Eleanor, lived through a heartbreaking disaster when they were young. However, the one thing that would make them feel whole again was music. Music launched Celeste to success. This movie jumps forward in time and follows an older Celeste, who is now a mother. Her career has its many scandals and catastrophes. It shows her struggle with balancing the pop star life while trying to raise her daughter.

The eight movies listed are some of the most popular films to be released this season. They will surely start your winter movie watching with a bang. So to head to the theaters, grab some popcorn, and enjoy one of these amazing films. Happy movie-watching!