Chance Brings Change

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You may associate Chance the Rapper, whose real name that I bet you didn’t know is Chancelor Johnathan Bennett, with bopping good music like “No Problem,” “Favorite Song”, and “Blessings” and a funny-feel good attitude towards life. Another fact that I bet you didn’t know about the famous Chicagoan, besides his real name being Chancelor, is that he is a true philanthropist.

Because of his recent ascension into being one of the most well-known rappers in the United States, Chance has garnered a net worth of over 33 million dollars. Instead of slipping into a “money coma” that most young stars do once they accumulate wealth, Chance took a different route and started his own non-profit charity called Social Works as a way to bring youth empowerment to not just Chicago, but all over the country. Besides this charity, Chance has donated to numerous other causes. One of his most recent endeavors is his donation of $1 million to the Chicago Public School’s system. As a graduate from these schools, Chance the Rapper is “calling for action” against Governor Bruce Rauner’s caveats and ultimatums that he makes the students of the public schools deal with. With change being Chance’s new motto, he is changing the fabric of how rappers are perceived. He is going out of his way to use his influence on young people to inspire change and goodness. Regardless of what happens with Chance the Rapper’s influence on the music industry, his position and active spirit in the Chicago community will be remembered forever by many.

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