A Star Is Born is Born Again

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The 2018 take on the classic yet timeless film, “A Star is Born,” promotes the juxtaposition of recognizing a talent versus that of attempting to keep its reputation intact regarding its affiliation to the public. The two individual yet cohesive main characters, being the far-famed yet deteriorating Jackson “Jack” Maine, portrayed by Bradley Cooper, and the closeted vocal genius and brilliant songwriter Ally Campana, portrayed by the flawless Lady Gaga, strive to be more like each other in regards to repairing each other’s broken pieces of their spirits.

Cooper and Gaga were of course stellar and moving choices in regards to casting; consequently, both of their angelic voices mesh together as well as peanut butter and jelly. The two souls meet at a bar after Gaga first shows off her outstanding vocals, and from that day forward, Jack and Ally are inseparable. Jack shows off Ally’s talents to the hungry media’s attention, and she quickly rises to the top of the musical charts, as a star is henceforth born. As a unit, Jack and Ally explore the galvanic yet challenging worlds of music, stardom, and its effects on the humanity of them both. Factors such as alcoholism and drug abuse come into play, but “A Star is Born” sheds light on the coping mechanisms that can be affiliated to overcome these worldly issues, such as music and the sheer strength of true love. This heart-warming and tear-jerking picture appeals to the emotions of the viewer through love, tragedy, risk-taking, music and countless other qualities utilized to climb into and eventually take over the viewers’ minds as to why and how a star was born.