Senior Athlete Profile: Angelina Cakuls

Senior Angelina Cakuls committed to continuing both athletic and academic excellence at Miami University in Oxford, OH this past fall. After four years as a varsity athlete here at Fenwick—including being named to sectional and state teams since her sophomore year—Cakuls will be greatly missed by all of Friar Aquatics. Despite only spending one season with Cakuls, Coach Thompson is very grateful for the time he shared with her. “She has achieved remarkable success in her career and I feel privileged to have had the opportunity to join for her senior year,” Thompson said. “I learned a lot about Friar pride watching her lead and encourage her teammates during an extraordinary season.” She is bound to accomplish amazing things over these next four years, and we cannot wait to watch.


The Wick: When did you choose Miami? And why?

Angelina Cakuls [AC]: I chose Miami August 28 of 2020. I visited in early August and that let me get a really good feel of the campus, see the pool and the area, and so on. The team had a very good energy and the coaches were very welcoming. I knew after the visit that Miami was the right school for me so I waited a few weeks and then made my final decision!


Wick: What do you look forward to most as a collegiate athlete?

AC: I am most looking forward to growing as an athlete and getting more experience as a swimmer. I have always been looking for ways to improve and swimming in college allows me to do that. I am also looking forward to making new friends on the team and connecting with the coaches.


Wick: But what will you miss most about Fenwick?

AC: I will most miss the friendly environment that not only the students at Fenwick created but the teachers.


Wick: How has the Fenwick community and swim team shaped you?

AC: The Fenwick community and swim team have taught me both academic and athletic rigor in terms of balancing athletics, schoolwork, and social time. Additionally, they have taught me to be successful and work hard. [During] my sophomore swim season at Fenwick, I really learned what it meant to work hard inside and outside of the pool. After that season I decided I wanted to swim in college.


Wick: What/Who is your motivation as an athlete?

AC: My goals and my family motivate me as an athlete.


Wick: What is the best advice you have been given during your athletic career?

AC: I have learned that you need to have fun in your sport in order to do good in it. You need to truly love what you are doing in and out of the water (or on and off the field, etc.) in order to succeed. The passion and fun that you get out of your sport is what drives you. That made me have a whole new appreciation for my sport.