Friar Consultation Column:

Q: Dear Friar Consultation Corner — I want to get
involved with more clubs and activities, but I feel
like it’s too late in the year to join anything new.
I’m afraid I am not going to know what’s happening or what I’m supposed to do. How should I get involved? — Curious

A: Dear Curious — Believe it or not, it’s definitely not too late to join clubs. In fact, most if not
all clubs would be happy to have you participate.
Obviously certain extracurricular activities may
require more commitment than others, but it never
hurts to ask. In your class Schoology section there
should be a link in the resources section with a list
of clubs and activities and their respective moderators. Email them! Even if it is too late for some
extracurricular activities, you should still try to
reach out. — FCC


Q: Dear Friar Consultation Corner — I’m a freshman and I’ve never taken a final before. I’m terrified. What should I do? How do I even go about
preparing for so many tests with so much information? — Terrified

A: Dear Terrified — Trust me. It’s going to be
okay. Everyone’s first finals week is terrifying. I
would start by getting organized. Check the finals
week schedule and see when your different classes
are testing. Keep track of when they are and make
a list. Time management is key. If your Algebra
final is going to be on Friday, know that you have
more time to prepare for that exam instead of your
impending Spanish final on Monday. Another tip:
start studying early. We are all guilty of studying
the night before a test, but for finals this is just not
a viable option for most students. Do a little bit of
studying for every class each day. Finally, use all
the study materials your teachers provide to you,
and make your own! Work with your classmates
to make materials as well. Do you and your friend
have English & Biology together? How about you
make the English Quizlet and your friend makes the
Biology Quizlet. It’s going to be okay, just make
sure you are on top of things. — FCC


Q: Dear Friar Consultation Corner — Lately I’ve
been feeling so depressed and anxious and I’m
completely overwhelmed. I’m scared to tell my
parents and I don’t know who to talk to. My grades
are starting to slip and I don’t want to make this to
hurt my GPA. Help!
— Overwhelmed

A: Dear Overwhelmed — You’re not alone. In fact,
you are probably in the same boat as many of your
peers and teachers as well. Fenwick has a lot of
resources that can help you out.

1. Go talk to either
your counselor or a social worker. They are here
to listen to you and to give you strategies to succeed.

2. Communicate with your teachers. Don’t
be afraid to ask for extra help or an extension on an
assignment. The majority of Fenwick teachers are
extremely understanding and want you to succeed.
Trust me, they aren’t aiming to make you suffer. As
for your parents, although it may seem daunting,
you need to sit down and have a conversation with
them. They can’t help you if they don’t know how
you are really feeling. Good Luck, — FCC