Brutal Betrayal or Savvy Strategic Maneuver? Cubs’ Trades Shock Fans

     After the All-Star games were over, the Cubs made a series of gaming-changing trades. Most notable were fan favorites Javier Baez, Anthony Rizzo, and Kris Bryant, three all-star infielders who led the Chicago Cubs to countless victories and celebrations. Each were staples of the team and left behind gaping holes on the roster: their absences are irreplaceable. Cubs fans are forced to say goodbye to star players and watch in dread as they continue their professional career with rival teams. As these players leave the team, a lot of Cubs fans go with them, and the giant fan base supporting the Cubs will decrease.

     Last season, the Cubs slowly fell towards the bottom of the league with startling losses making it clear a change was necessary. Radical trades like these are just the tip of the iceberg when a team looks for a way to rebuild. Despite my love for the Cubs, I agree the change had to be made; however, I do not agree with how it was executed. If the Cubs want to issue a new era of players, they should have introduced rookies gradually to better ease them into the transition. All three player’s contracts should not have ended the same year because making so many drastic changes at once will throw the entire team off of their rhythm and make rebuilding difficult and drawn out.

     Currently, the Cubs look toward both the minor leagues for inexperienced yet talented players and rookies with untapped potential already in the majors. They hope to create a team of young, fresh players to form a strong foundation for the coming years. Similar to the process of shaping Bryant, Rizzo, and Baez, the Cubs will take a few years to mold these young players into champions. A new team takes time to build from the ground up. While I don’t foresee any victories next season, when the ball gets rolling, and the Cubs team is running at full capacity, I expect great wins.