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Time Flies for Senior Friars

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Most Fenwick students will agree that the average school day seems to last forever. There’s nothing more agonizing than waiting for that final bell following tenth or eleventh period, and hardly anyone is excited to wake up for class the next day.
But after talking to current seniors, it is clear that they’re going to miss these things that appear tedious and repetitive more than they had anticipated. After speaking with multiple members of the class of 2018 and encouraging them to reminisce about their four years at Fenwick and the memories that they have made here, many of these students made it clear that certain teachers made their Fenwick Friar experience particularly great.
Connor Halfpenny cited the renowned chemistry teacher, Mr. Farran. According to Halfpenny, “He’s the nicest man ever. I’m seriously glad I got to have him before he retired.”
Hannah Underwood was quick to tell me about Mrs. Nowicki, calling her the “best person in the world,” and Billy Grehan mentioned his AP Economics teacher Mr. Gallo. “He really cares about his students, and makes his subject really interesting.”
It is evident that our seniors’ time at Fenwick wouldn’t be the same without the teachers that they had along the way. When I asked Senior Haley Fakouri about what she’d miss most at Fenwick, she immediately mentioned the staff. “Fenwick’s faculty had a huge impact on me,”
Fakouri said, “The teachers make it clear that they really care about you and they try to make your high school experience the best it can be.”
Teagan White agreed, saying that the faculty was what made his four years at Fenwick so memorable. “Every single teacher here cares about you. They all really care about what you do and how you do it. All of them want you to succeed, which is a great feeling.”
I also asked the students about their favorite year at Fenwick. Mariano Molo said it best when he commented on his senior year. “The teachers just like us more, and the classes are easier,” Mariano explained. “I think they’ll miss the seniors, so they’re going easy on us.”
Billy Grehan agreed that senior year, so far, has been his favorite, but was a bit more blunt with his explanation of what he took away from his four years of being a Friar: “Grades don’t matter.”
While most of the students that I interviewed said that senior year was easily their favorite, a few mentioned the friends that they made during freshman, sophomore and junior year. “I’m really not sure where I’d be without my friends,” Senior Shannon Hayes said. “Being able to meet all these people at Fenwick has literally been the best thing to happen to me.”
The seniors also commented on their favorite Fenwick memories. Shannon Ehrhardt mentioned how much she’ll miss the homecoming pep rallies and being involved with the Blackfriars Guild. Billy Grehan brought up the 2016 football season, and had some interesting comments about the final game of that year.
Mike Cerceo reminisced about playing basketball in his tenth period gym class sophomore year, and when Danny Breslin (class of 2017) “took his shirt off and stood on his table at lunch.”
This really goes to show how our seniors can turn even the smallest events and JUG-worthy pranks into memories that will stay with them for years, long after they graduate high school and even college. As they prepare to say goodbye to Fenwick, goodbye to the eight o’clock bell and the morning announcements, to the pep rallies and homecoming dances, to the football games and musicals, our seniors acknowledge that these four years shaped then into who they are today.
As they move on to college and what’s beyond, hopefully, the class of 2018 will be able to look back on their time here and remember all the friends and memories that they have made. During their interviews, many of the seniors noted how fast their time has passed, but that they are excited for college and what will come after.
“I think Fenwick prepares us really well for whatever we choose to do in life after high school,” Teagan White told me. “Not all high school students have the amount of preparation that we do.”
Haley Fakouri closed out her interview with these wise words on how quickly her time as Fenwick has gone. “It feels like I just took the entrance exam yesterday. It’s true what they say about high school; it passes by in no time at all.” Fakouri said.
Fakouri left me with some advice for underclassmen:
“I know it feels like high school lasts forever, but it won’t. Enjoy your four years, because senior year is going to come faster than you think. I wish I could do it all again.” There is no doubt, senior Friars have definitely enjoyed their time here, and hope that underclassmen do not take it for granted, for it truly flies.

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Time Flies for Senior Friars