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Is Junior Year Really That Scary?

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Upon being asked about the scariest year of their high school experience, most adults and older students would say junior year. But why? A number of challenges that most teens don’t face until this year surface, and college suddenly becomes a genuine concern. Juniors have to take tests, sometimes numerous times, that will determine their acceptance into college. They have to visit colleges as prospective students. They have to maintain their grades so their GPAs are as high as possible to ensure acceptance into the college of their choice. They have to look at their extracurriculars and wonder, “Is this enough? Is this a representation of me? How on earth do I keep my cool in a college interview?”
Not everyone agrees that junior year is as “scary,” or difficult as they thought it would be. When senior Maricella Griffin was asked what advice she received going into her junior year, she said, “Everyone said that it would be the worst time of my life, but it was probably the best.”
Emily Burda, currently a junior student, said that it is scary because “I will be in college in a year. I have to decide the next four years of my life within the next few months.”
As a sophomore, I agree with Emily that the scariest part of junior year is making decisions that will affect your future. How can you know, without a shadow of a doubt, that the decisions you make won’t be some of the biggest mistakes of your life? The fear of messing up can make it a scary year for anyone.
Still, others don’t think that junior year is necessarily “scary,” but rather just difficult. When asked if her junior year was as scary as she thought it would be, junior Camille Luckett said, “It’s not scary; it’s hard. A lot harder than sophomore year. You have to worry about academics, SAT’s, extracurriculars… it never ends.” When thinking about the course load juniors endure on top of all of their testing and preparation for college, it amounts to one very stressful year. However, taking into account all of these opinions, I think the general consensus is that junior year won’t be easy, it may be “scary,” but only the student can decide how it will affect you. For many, it is a challenge that tests their academic skill, time management, and sometimes, their patience.

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Is Junior Year Really That Scary?