Benefits of a Student’s Best Friend

The beginning of a new school year can always be tough. Many students struggle to find their way back into the drudging school day routine after an enjoyable summer vacation. However, various forms of stress relief may be of assistance throughout the year. One simple distraction that can brighten up one’s day may just be a furry friend. Dogs are known to make a house more homely, and they are a simple way to create positive vibes. Spending time with pets can allow a student to acknowledge the genuine beauty in life, and realize that these animals can bring about many smiles.
Animals often lead to more positive dispositions. Dogs, specifically, are known to be a “man’s best friend” due to their constant enthusiasm that they show their owner. From Daily News, the Associated Press shares how dogs are one solution to the “epidemic of stressed-out, overwhelmed students.” A strenuous day at school can be made better from the compassion a dog shows with their simple forms of affection. Dogs are known to encourage owners to partake in physical activity, which has been proven to release more endorphins and reduce blood pressure. Because of this, various college campuses throughout the country are adding areas where students can pet dogs during final exams in order to bring a sense of tranquility to an otherwise hectic atmosphere at the middle and end of the year.
Despite stress from grades and schoolwork, bullying is also a recurring issue at various high schools. Some high school communities are not completely welcoming, and ostracize other students on multiple occasions. Many people have to face being bullied everyday at school. Dogs, unlike rude people at school or work environments, do not make any judgments. They do not stop loving their owner, even if that person made a mistake or may be considered “different.” It is wrong to judge others, and dogs can be of assistance when one is struggling with confidence or handling bullying. Overall, dogs are a great source to finding happiness, especially in a time of need.
Consider getting a dog if school becomes overwhelming this year. Statistics show and people agree that it would be very beneficial .