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Moral Gray Areas of Technology

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By Alexa Haeflinger
The morally ambiguous areas of technology are a direct result of its ability to enhance and restrict positive human interaction. As technology has progressed throughout the years, it is unclear whether certain aspects have helped or harmed our community.
Medical technology has developed disease-curing inventions that save lives, and military technology has developed targeted specifically at ending lives; both of which examples are clear on their intended purpose and morality.
However, areas such as social media have more controversial values. Social media acts as a mediator between people by enabling us to keep in touch with distant friends, update others about important events, express thoughts, and efficiently access information.
Yet, with the moral positives of social media downsides also exist. Technology creates a society in which it is acceptable to interact with others solely through a cold glass screen.
It limits the amount of emotional interaction and increases impersonal interactions through electronics, stimulating the belief that the worth of someone should be determined by their popularity—the amount of Instagram likes they received on a picture, or how many followers they have on Twitter.
Technology, through social media, establishes set expectations that are nearly impossible to live up to. Teenagers look to the media as a guide for how to live, using celebrities as their role models, and desiring unrealistic qualities.
Although potentially detrimental to society, technology also creates means of constant communication among people that can be beneficial. Ultimately, it is our choice how we use technology, whether in a way to benefit society or bring it down. How will you use it?

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Moral Gray Areas of Technology