Shadow Days Restructured for Future Friars

The new Assistant Director of Admissions, Ms. Stephanie Corey, is pleased to have the shadow program back, and now the program has gotten some slight adjustments compared to previous years. Ms. Corey said, “Shadow day students will come in typically starting at 8:30 a.m., and we check them in. After check-in, we go over the itinerary for the day and the various admissions documents they receive. We discuss the history of Fenwick, the academic curriculum, the entrance exam, upcoming Admissions events (i.e. Admissions Coffee Chats and Open Houses) and our merit-based scholarships. We also provide them with additional external scholarship information with our SGO’s (Scholarship Granting Organizations).”

The new shadow days offer a chance to ease 8th graders’ nerves about the entrance exam, and to make them more understanding of Fenwick as a whole. Another new thing implemented from years past is a tour of Fenwick to help shadows get to know their way around. “Shadows are able to see Fenwick up close and personal through a tour of the school led by our student ambassadors,” Ms. Corey said. “After the tour, shadows report back to the Shadow Room, where their student ambassador host will pick them up. Shadows spend 3rd through 8th periods with their host, going to classes and eating lunch. After 8th period, shadows come back to the Shadow Room to discuss and complete a survey about their day. The day concludes with an overview and discussion of the extra-curricular activities and sports that Fenwick has to offer, and addressing any questions that students may have about the high school admissions process or typical school day for a Fenwick student. Shadows are dismissed to go home at 1:30 p.m.” These new elements are different from previous years, but they seek to provide a better and more well-rounded shadow experience.

Shadows are paired with a student-ambassador with similar interests; this year, the ambassador group is made up of both sophomores and juniors that have been selected to provide a positive experience for the shadows. Sophomore ambassador Lily O’Neill said, “This year, I have really enjoyed hosting shadows. I think it has been a great experience so far and I love being able to tell kids wanting to come to Fenwick how much I enjoy the school.” Many teachers will seek to include the shadows by asking questions, involving them in the discussion, and even playing games. O’Neill said, “I think the teachers have done a great job making the shadows feel welcomed, especially Mrs. Wang. Mrs. Wang makes the shadows feel welcome by having the class ask them questions, give the shadows challenges, and play quick games with them. After all, the teachers are a big reason why students decide to come to Fenwick.”

The shadow program has been welcomed back with open arms, and it hopes to get more students to sit for the entrance exam this December. The new format for shadow days seems to be working under the guidance of Ms. Kaszuba and Ms. Corey, and hopefully Fenwick will see these shadows joining us in next year’s freshman class.