Friars Celebrate El Día de los Muertos

At the start of November, the Fenwick community came together for a school Mass. This school Mass was held on El Día de Los Muertos, and together the school celebrated All Souls’ Day. This was just one way the Fen- wick community came together to celebrate this holiday. Altars were found inside and outside the library, all done by students.

Fenwick’s HOLA (Hispanic Outreach and Latino Awareness) Club came together to put up an altar in the library. “Members of HOLA, the student body, the faculty, and staff contributed pictures of beloved family members while the HOLA members brought in all of the items to decorate,” Mrs. Carraher, the HOLA club mod- erator, said. “The altar was set up right before Day of the Dead and will remain up until after Thanksgiving break.” This is just one way the club came together to celebrate the tradition amongst themselves. “HOLA members also gathered to decorate sugar skulls (Calaveras),” Mrs. Carraher said. “We met in the art room and the students demonstrated their artistic talents by creating a variety of uniquely decorated skulls.” These students were able to join one another and participate in an ongoing tradition.

Within classrooms, the significance of the holiday was shared. “In my Spanish 1 classes, students had to read, summarize, and share articles they found about Day of the Dead. Additionally, they will summarize the signifi- cance and importance of the holiday on an upcoming test,” Mrs. Carraher said. The discussion of the holiday didn’t stop there. Students shared the information they found with each other and discussed the origins of the tradition. This allowed them to gain new information on an unfamiliar topic.

With the help of HOLA members and other students, the Fenwick community was able to learn more about the holiday. The altars found inside and outside of the library allowed students to take a glance at what the holiday celebrates, and were able to take a first-hand look at the beautiful tradition that celebrates loved ones who’ve passed.