Summer Camps Offered for Prospective Students

     Fenwick High School is now offering summer camps for prospective students. The various new additions of camps offer a wide variety of opportunities for students to grow academically and athletically, while also preparing them for their future high school careers. 

      The middle school camps are targeted towards fourth through seventh graders, with some eighth graders being welcome. 

     Both all-day sessions (9 a.m. – 3 p.m.) and half day sessions are offered, in which students will be able to interact with their peers in a safe environment. Students choosing the full day option can pick both a sports course for either the morning or afternoon and an academic course for the other half of the day.

      Athletic courses being offered include baseball, basketball, cheer, cross country, e-sports, bowling, football, lacrosse, soccer, soft ball, tennis, volleyball and wrestling. All of these athletic courses seek to instruct players on the fundamentals of the game, providing both instruction and preparation for playing at a higher level.

     Along with athletics, Fenwick is offering courses for those who wish to express themselves in the arts. The arts course options include both art and band. Additionally, the junior high academic foundation courses are directed for rising seventh and eighth graders. These courses are designed to help better fortify students academically for the upcoming school year. Seventh graders can opt for the full day option from among the middle school camps and select a foundation course as a session, as can younger grades for art and band.

     Academic courses include grammar foundations, guided reading foundations, debate, advanced arithmetic and executive functioning. 

     Fenwick is also committed to providing more opportunities for its current students. High school camps are targeted towards rising eighth graders through twelfth graders. These camps are designed to help students train, engage and play at a high school level.

     Math teacher Mr. Roche is the director of Fenwick’s summer camps and has been able to see the benefits of these programs first-hand. Commenting on this, Mr. Roche states, “As a counselor myself, it’s wonderful to see the bonds made before school starts, especially with freshmen.”

     Ultimately, these new summer camps and programs are a testament to Fenwick’s continued dedication towards community outreach and developing the young minds and bodies of future leaders.