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Banua Marks Half Century of Talent on Show

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This past January, the most anticipated weekend of a Friar’s school year, in all of its anniversary glory: Banua. Students came from all around Fenwick to showcase their talents in acting, singing, dancing, and skit-writing. However, this year was not just a normal Banua (not that Banua is what any Fenwick student would call “normal”), as 2018 marks the 50th show. Students in the chorus proudly displayed this on their Banua shirts with golden 50s.
The name “Banua” was picked from a song by the Kingston Trio. In one of the verses of the song, the band sang about the “Banua Jail,” which was unfortunately cut out of the chorus act. The 1958 song has only been performed twice in the history of the show. Most Fenwick students did not even know the origin of the name, but when the chorus belted the tune while a student in a bear costume paraded around the stage, the memory surely stuck in every attendee’s mind.
Mr. Finnell, the producer of the show for over 49 years, hand-picked only the best acts for this momentous year. The show opened on both nights with Banua chorus singing a mashup of Katy Perry’s “Firework” and “Light” from the musical “Next to Normal.” Banua Chorus’ theme for this year was to show self-love and to love others. This was apparent through the support that the student body showed the performers. To put on a show as big as Banua, there must be a mutual respect between the cast members. The entire crew supports one another and put on an amazing show. Everyone bonds as we share our talents and countless hours in the final week of January, and we put on a super fun show. Every long night at practice contributed to a great 50th show, and the friends made during the show are friendships that last beyond the final curtain call.
The show included the best talent of the school. Sophomores Vinny Micucci and Dan Castellano rocked the stage with their performance of “Aneurysm” by Nirvana. Mr. Finnell was so impressed that he let the boys perform both nights. Freshman Will Chioda wooed the audience with his acoustic guitar rendition of “Read My Mind” by The Killers. The audience was stunned on both nights with a performance of Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah,” with Claire Woods on Friday and Earl Hester on Saturday. Juniors Michelle Saganich, Mary Bridget Donahue, and Anna Fitzgerald stunned the crowd with their take on Sia’s “Bird Set Free.” All in all, the talent in the auditorium on both nights was overflowing.
Banua will hopefully continue for another 50 years with the help of the Black Friars Guild community. From this community, alumni from generations of BFG came to show their support and impressions of Mr. Finnell. We congratulate all those involved in the 50th show of Banua and hope to see the same level of spirit and talent in years to come.

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Banua Marks Half Century of Talent on Show