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A Lot to Like in Language Clubs

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Fenwick High School currently has five different languages available for students: Spanish, French, Italian, Latin, and German. Each language also has its own Language Club, a way for students to celebrate and explore the language of their choice more thoroughly outside of class. The clubs have a variety of events and activities geared towards promoting and educating members about the culture and language the club focuses on.
The Italian Club goes to St. Joseph’s Day Feast and Fundraiser, an Italian tradition and a chance to fundraise for a convent in southern Italy. The Latin Club goes on field trips to museums that display the art and history of the Roman people, allowing students to connect more with what they are learning and gain a greater appreciation for that culture.
The Spanish Club, run by Señor Howell, currently has twenty-four members. Senior Mark Williams is the President of the club, and says, “A new member in Spanish Club can expect to participate in monthly ‘fiestas’ to celebrate the holidays during the school year.” The club meets once every two weeks, and the activities they are involved in include singing Christmas carols to bring Christmas spirit to Fenwick, parties with other language clubs, and collecting hats, coats, and gloves to donate to local parishes with needy families.
Señor Howell describes the club as “a social opportunity in which students of different ages come together and get to know one another. It provides leadership opportunities for those who take on the duties of officers.” People from all grades that are interested in Spanish culture get to interact with other students while learning more about the importance of Spanish in the world. It is a club where students can meet new friends while having a great time participating in fun, educational activities.
Madame Heinz says, “The goal of French Club is to learn about French culture and language and to have fun.” The French Club meets once a month, its members including everyone who takes French as their language at Fenwick. The activities they participate in include bocce ball, Christmas parties, crepe parties, cooking events, international breakfasts, Movie Night, and joint events with other language clubs.
Since everyone who takes French can be involved, people from all levels and grades interact while learning about French culture. Madame Heinz’s favorite thing about the club are its members, and the chance to get them more involved with the language and culture of France.
The Latin Club is run by Mr. Rodde, who says that there are approximately twenty to twenty-five regular members spanning the different grades and levels of Latin. The most anticipated event for the club is when all the language clubs get together and make t-shirts. Mr. Rodde relayed that the date this year is sometime in April. His favorite event, however, is the Christmas breakfast. “I like hearing all the carols in different languages, and in the past we have had different foods brought in from the various clubs.”
The Latin Club meets a couple of times a month, usually in Mr. Rodde’s classroom, and new students are always welcome. It is a great experience because students get to meet other people from different Latin classes while learning more about Latin culture.
“Our mutual love of all things German” is what makes German Club great, according to Frau Strom. Consistently about thirty students come to the monthly meetings, but everyone who takes German is invited to attend.
The students get to participate in a variety of events including enjoying German music, movies, and other aspects of the culture outside of class time. They go on field trips and have movie mornings before school, helping to engage the students in learning more about German culture and language. Everyone is welcome in German Club, and most students taking German come to at least one activity or meeting during the year.
The fifth language club at Fenwick is Italian Club, run by Prof Hennessey. She says that “a new member of the Italian Cub could expect to participate in after school cooking lessons, tours of Eataly Chicago, bocce ball tournaments, Italian film screenings, and our morning ‘Chiacchiere e Caffé,’ which is an opportunity to practice chatting in Italian over our morning coffee (or juice!).”
The number of members in the club fluctuates depending on the day and time of events, but the club typically expects anywhere from ten to twenty students at their events.
The club meets once every other week with the goal to promote and celebrate Italian and Italian-American cultures. Students get the chance to experience elements of Italian influence in sports, food, art, and music. Just like all of the language clubs at Fenwick, Italian Club is inclusive and welcomes all students to have the opportunity to enjoy and learn more about its language and culture.

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A Lot to Like in Language Clubs