Friar Girls Rule Robotics

During holiday break, Fenwick’s Robotics Team competed at St. Mary High School in Neenah, Wisconsin. The team, who placed eleventh out of thirty teams, consists of Daisy Dunlap, Abby Schierl, Alanah Buinauskas, Kimberly Prokup, and Monica Prokup.
Due to the score that the team earned, they qualified as captains in the final round. After all their hard work, the team was also recognized by receiving the Energy Spirit award due to their impressive teamwork.
These girls worked hard to create this robot, yet it could not have been done without teacher, Mr. Lamkin, and moderator, Mr. Silvis. These leaders helped these ladies to victory by helping them make their robot function properly.
The Robotics Club is focused on students who strive to succeed in their engineering skills and are educated in critical thinking. These girls had to build a robot from scratch and program it themselves.
Through the programming, the team had to prepare for the autonomous part of the competition and the user-controlled part. It is not easy going up against other schools who have many resources and access to material and technology needed for creating intelligent robots.
Fenwick students performed to their best ability and carried their robot with confidence as they entered the competition.
Their robot was similar to a clawbot, which is very popular in VEX robots. Each year, Fenwick students participate in VEX Robotics competitions which have competitors at local, state, national, and international levels. Succeeding as the team did this year is a major accomplishment.
Robots are very complex machines that are made through high-technological computer programming. The senior girls who participated this year were able to make an impressive, high-functioning robot, which enabled them to place high enough to make it to the final level of the competition.
The sheer determination and intelligence of the team shows what can be done when brilliant minds come together. Though they did not take home a trophy, they took back knowledge that will last a lifetime.