Club Brings Kindness to the Day


Though Fenwick is a competitive school, both for athletics and academics, the Fenwick community shines most brightly through the many clubs and organizations that are run by students themselves. Clubs are a way for Fenwick students to get a break from the pressures of school and sports and take part in something that they are really interested in.
From Equality Club to Model UN, Fenwick’s many clubs offer a chance for students to do something new and unique. Kindness Club goes one step beyond; not only is it a way for likeminded people to get together and explore their interests, but it also goes out into the school community in order to make it a better, and more kind, place for all Fenwick students.
Kindness Club was started a couple of years ago by Fenwick graduation of the Class of 2017, Maria Ritten, who headed it along with many other related activities such as Dog Mail. Since Maria’s graduation last May, Kindness Club has been under the guidance of Junior Sophia Rodriguez, and she hopes to continue the legacy of kind acts and spread the club’s mission to the whole Fenwick community.
In addition to continuing their legacy, the Kindness Club’s main goals are to promote a climate of kindness and caring in the Fenwick community, and do acts of kindness to make people’s days and lives better. As Sophia puts it, “we hope that people around Fenwick will take it upon themselves to be kinder and more compassionate to all other people,” and in the world today, all people could use a bit more compassion.
The members of the Kindness Club hope to start a sequence and an atmosphere of kind acts that will grow and spread to the entire Fenwick community and beyond. They are actively promoting a better tomorrow, and they are starting that today.
As of right now the Kindness Club has about ten members, and some of the core and active members are, including Sophia, Harper Daniels, Ciara Mulcahy, Gionna Mathews, and Emilia Elgeness. Their numbers are growing though, and they always welcome new members from any grade at Fenwick.
To join email Junior Sophia Rodriguez, and get ready for some fun filled charity work. The club is hopeful about the future and thinks that more people will join once they hear about the club.
The duties of a Kindness Club member include helping with their many acts and activities, and striving to be kind everyday. Some of their recent activities included decorating the sidewalk in front of the atrium with chalk for freshman orientation and handing out pencils to students on PSAT day.
In the future Kindness Club is looking forward to doing more random acts of kindness, and they also are preparing for their annual event to say a proper goodbye to the seniors in the spring. They recognize the huge impact the senior class and are grateful for the example they have set.
As far as meetings go, Kindness Club likes to plan things one step at a time. Right now they are planning to decorate the atrium for Christmas, which will surely be wonderful. A meeting will be held before then, so if any are interested in helping out, watch out during the announcements. Kindness Club is great way to meet new people, and anyone involved can become a better person at the same time.
Normally the club meets once every month in order to discuss ideas, and new and unique ideas are presented at each meeting.
When looking for new and interesting clubs to join, look out for Kindness Club. They will welcome all with open arms and kind hearts. Their mission to spread kindness starts with the individual, so everyone should try to be as kind as one of the members of Kindness Club.