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Spanish Mass Introduced

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By Marisa Bucolo
Daily morning mass in the chapel is a Fenwick tradition that is open to students, faculty, and friends of the school. In December of 2016, Fr. Dennis introduced the monthly Spanish mass to the Fenwick community. The idea behind the Spanish mass was collaborative between Fr. Dennis and Fr. Peddicord, along with HOLA and the International Relations Club.
The main goal of the new Spanish mass is to acknowledge the growing diverse student body and make the school more inclusive for everyone. Fr. Dennis believes that Fenwick needs to improve on language inclusivity, since people are more comfortable speaking in their first language.
Senior Athena Rivera, who has attended the service, says the support from the students and faculty has been amazing. “Everyone should come because it is such an awesome experience to be a part of prayer with a different culture. It’s important to embrace our differences but even more important to be able to share the same faith, even if the prayers are in another language.” The work that both Fenwick students and faculty have done to introduce Spanish morning mass to the school has truly paid off.
Currently, the services are being held on the third Thursday of every month. Fr. Dennis, who is fluent in Spanish, leads the monthly mass. “¡Yo quiero invitar a todos ustedes a la misa mensual en Español! Everyone is welcome to attend,” he says, “we have ‘cheat sheets’ for anyone that needs help following along with the Spanish, and the readings and homily are currently said in English.” Fr. Dennis hopes to continue the new tradition into next school year and the many to follow.

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Spanish Mass Introduced