Bookmarking the New English Teachers

This year Fenwick has welcomed three new English teachers, Ms. Trifilio, Ms. Wang, and Ms. Dargis. Each of them brings something new to the staff, and we are thankful to have them at Fenwick.
Ms. Lauren Trifilio, a Fenwick graduate, says she “always knew she wanted to teach here.” As a mother of two, she left the teaching profession for a while to stay home with her kids. She started teaching at several colleges a few years ago, and now she has achieved her dream of teaching at Fenwick. It is “fantastic being back,” and she “can really see all of the time, effort, and passion it takes to be a Fenwick teacher” now. She enjoys spending time with her family, as well as playing tennis and cooking. During her time in school, she says the most important thing she learned was to be herself. Finding herself as an academic, a teacher, and a person both inside and outside of class helped her to do that. She tries to keep her classroom conversational and discussion based, and has found Fenwick to be a great experience so far.
Ms. Shana Wang has a warm, vibrant personality that comes across even in email. She insists that her last name is pronounced more like “Wong” than “Waaaaang,.” She started her working career in a department store, which she describes as “not a utopic entrance into the working world.” She has taught for the past twenty one years, at several other schools, including the NSWE International School in Qingdao, China. There, she met a teacher who told her of how Fenwick had been a beacon in the midst of the chaos of his teenage years. She took his recommendation. Ms. Wang has found Fenwick very enjoyable so far and says she has found students who are “worth waking up for at four a.m. every day.” She loves to sing karaoke and take bubble baths, and at other schools she has sponsored many clubs, including PRISM, Multicultural Alliance, and Discover Asia.
Ms. Barbara Dargis came to Fenwick when, she says, “the Lord closed one door and opened another.” She has taught at Mount Assisi and Queen of Peace in the past, but she “feels blessed to be a Friar.” She is married with four sons who are all out of college, and she likes to garden, bike, and do yoga, as well as weight lifting! She tries to be enthusiastic when she teaches, because “there is nothing she would rather be doing than sharing her respect for grammar, writing, and reading.” She does not currently moderate any clubs, but she hopes to do so in the future. So far, her colleagues at Fenwick have been “helpful, encouraging, [and] welcoming” and the students she has encountered are “respectful, conscientious, and genuine.” We hope Ms. Dargis and all the other new teachers continue to have a great experience at Fenwick!