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Broadcasters Liven Up Morning Announcements

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By Anna Milleker
Each Monday and Friday morning, Fenwick students and faculty are given the pleasure to hear from four entertaining students on the announcements. They mention updates about sporting events, give information about club activities, and give recognition to specific individuals in their achievements. These well-spoken students – Maeve Ryan, Danny Breslin, Issy Marquez, and Isabella Hernandez – are dedicated to creating an appreciative Fenwick environment while also adding humor to the early mornings. Together, they are the voices of Fenwick.
Maeve Ryan and Danny Breslin, the Friday morning announcers, were chosen for the job through teacher recommendations and a call from Danielle Mangila, a member of Broadcasting Club who recognized that they would be a perfect fit. When asked to describe what makes them such a great pair, they could not stop talking about their fantastic relationship. Maeve said they first met at an acting camp at Second City in 7th grade. However, they didn’t click until they got to Fenwick. Through sharing many of the same passions, they became involved in almost all of the same activities, including Speech and BFG. Their friendship grew closely knit, to that of a brother and sister. Danny added, “[w]e feel way too comfortable around each other.” That probably explains why they constantly say that they are in love onstage and offstage.
Both Maeve and Danny feel that it is important to recognize students on the Friday morning announcements; Danny says, “even at a small school, it is hard to keep up with everyone’s activities. It is cool to have this one thing where everyone gets acknowledged. We’ll go from congratulating the football team to congratulating the chess team, and I think that is something that brings our class and our school together.” Maeve added, “I don’t think people realize how talented some of the kids at this school are, especially since the kids with talents other than sports aren’t heard of as often. It’s nice to be recognized for things because it feels good to be congratulated by people in the hall and to know that you’re doing something with your time, on top of all your difficult classes. It forms respect.”
To prepare for the announcements, Maeve and Danny FaceTime every Thursday night to plan out their speech. They find a way to add humor to their news and end up getting distracted and talking late into the night.
Danny also posts something on Facebook along the lines of “you know the drill,” and students in the group post comments about special achievements, upcoming events, or random jargon that only the Senior class understands. When asked to describe this jargon, Danny simply responded with: “Kiddin’ me? #freebabblin.” Enough said. Moreover, only the seniors understand fully Danny’s allusions Mr. Konrad’s announcement routine of 2013-2014, approved by Mr. Konrad himself.
Maeve also shared an entertaining story about how they always have intense staredowns with Mr. Moland while he is doing the announcements. As you might expect, he always wins. When it is their turn at the microphone, Mr. Moland shouts out random things in the background. For example, when they are talking about water polo, he yells, “Splash, splash!”
When I asked about their favorite foods, Danny said, “Cheese that’s free.” Maeve, on the other hand, said “Cheese that isn’t free and is on noodles.” Hopefully, unlike Danny, you can deduce that she is talking about mac and cheese. In answer to how senior year has been going for them so far, Maeve responded with, “Basically, I’m experiencing my own version of Dante’s Inferno.” Danny explained, “Multiple stages of hell.” Then, Maeve added, “I’m in stage two.”
I was also given the opportunity to interview the wonderful Monday morning announcers, Issy Marquez and Isabella Hernandez. The two of them have gone down in history as Fenwick’s first female co-hosts. The Isabellas got the job because they are both in Mr. O’Connor’s 10th Period broadcasting class. When Mr. O’Connor brought the project forward and asked who would be willing to take it on, they signed up together right away. Issy explained what makes the two of them a great pair when she said, “We bounce off of each other well. We are very different in the way we view things, but we have similar personalities, so we work well together.
In addition to getting out of class for about ten minutes, they both enjoy giving every platform at Fenwick a voice and recognizing specific individuals who excel. They also do their best to add enthusiasm to the dull Monday mornings and spread positivity. Isabella described the importance of the announcements when she said, “[s]ometimes we get caught up in the pure academic areas of Fenwick, so seeing what other people in the school are achieving for their teams or clubs adds an additional layer of community. Through this, we encourage, support, and congratulate each other.” Issy expanded, “it is awesome, too, because you usually know someone a certain way from seeing them in your Theology class or passing them in the hallway. But then you see them in a new light when you hear that they are a star on the football team or they made an amazing painting. It adds layers to who they are and creates a better appreciation for all the Friars around you.”
Issy and Isabella refuse to include the strange senior jargon in the announcements, but they attempted to describe what some of the words mean: “seen ye” means “Senior year” and “free cheese” means “easy or awesome.” Even as Seniors, they don’t understand most of the language.
When it comes to food, Issy immediately named her favorite: Chinese food. She even claimed it to be the love of her life. In fact, she would marry Chinese food if she could. While Issy was rambling on about her love for Chinese food, Isabella was searching for her perfect answer. She eventually decided that pumpkin pie was her favorite. She said that she tells her mom to buy twelve of them right when they hit the shelves.
Their senior year is evidenced by a long, deep breath. Issy then explained, “It’s stressful and exciting. There is a lot going on.” Isabella added, “There are so many new opportunities and new traditions you get to be a part of as a senior, but there is a lot of stress from college applications and schoolwork.” Issy then said, “It is starting to become nostalgic. As I go through the hallways, it is weird to think about how I won’t be here next year. There is going to be a lot of change, whether we’re ready for it or not. This is a year about realizing new things about yourself, your friend groups, and even your academics.” Senior year can be very tough at the beginning, but there is a lot to look forward to. Some of the things that Issy and Isabella mentioned are: graduation, Prom, winning Senior assassin, and experiencing the things that will be remembered forever.
Issy and Isabella ended with providing beautiful insights about making the most of your high school experience: “Be as outgoing as you can be,” Isabella advises. “I know you have heard it before, but don’t be afraid to try new things. The clubs and sports at Fenwick are very inclusive, so it is worth it to get involved, even if you are nervous at first.”
Issy added, “On a social aspect, talk to everyone. You’d be surprised what friendships you can build. The small school home-y vibe is something you are not going to find in college. Oh, and to the freshmen: don’t carry all your books at one time. You’ll tip over.”
They also both agreed that people should definitely go to the dances. They are fun and special events that will make you create lasting memories. Lastly, they suggested to form relationships with your teachers. Teachers are people you can go to whenever you need help, and the Fenwick teachers are exceptionally caring. The teachers at this school are not here for the money; they genuinely care about their students.
Through their individuality, humor, and dedication to giving students the recognition that they deserve, the four announcers make their mark on the Fenwick community. They do this by spreading positivity and highlighting the accomplishments of their peers to create a positive atmosphere at the school. Together, Maeve Ryan, Danny Breslin, Issy Marquez, and Isabella Hernandez truly make up the voices of Fenwick.

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Broadcasters Liven Up Morning Announcements