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Are remakes of classic movies, TV shows, and other media a way to introduce a new generation to classics or to gain revenue?

Emuni Pearson

October 19, 2020

     Remaking classic movies and other media is done to gain revenue. Many classics continue on and are passed down from generation to generation. If it’s really a classic, it will be played year after year.      Rema...

I Lived: A Senior’s Reflection

Colin Wright

April 20, 2020

As crazy as the past days, weeks, and months have been, this is still our senior year. As we continue to grieve our lost memories and traditions, and rightfully so, it becomes easy to feel hopeless and angry. However, as frustrating...

Is Early Action Worth the Rush?

 Eleanor Arnoldt

December 1, 2019

Much of seniors’ stress has been relieved with the passing of the November 1 deadline. This is the deadline for the majority of colleges’ early action applications, a deadline that most seniors at Fenwick strive to meet. At...

A Taste of the Working World: Lessons from my Summer Job

Luke McKenna

October 17, 2019

     The first day of summer vacation is always pure ecstasy; the comfort of sleeping as long as you’d like, the warm weather, and the pleasure of spending countless hours with friends, without the stress of school. A great w...

Is Four Days too Long for Lollapalooza Music Festival?

Kimberly Wood

October 17, 2019

Although Lollapalooza is a crowd-pleasing event that provides great music for all, has four days become excessive? Indeed, Lollapalooza has remained successful after their switch to four days, but it seems that this change...

What Every Freshman Should Know

Kathryn Nairn

October 17, 2019

On the first day of my freshman year, Fenwick was nothing short of terrifying. It felt a little like going to a family reunion only to realize I was related to no one. Amazingly, walking into the same building this year felt a...

Shift in Summer Relaxation

Eva Homberger

May 9, 2019

For students, summer is a magical time of unlimited possibility, sunshine, and pure freedom . . . or so it seems. In recent years, students’ summers have become overloaded with attempts to maximize the break’s potential. ...

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