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  • October 11Football Week 8: Friars 17 Saint Patrick 9
  • October 4Football Week 7: Friars 31 Marmion 26
  • September 27Football Week 5: Friars 17 Marist 35
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  • September 13Football Week 3: Friars 6 Nazareth 31

UN Uses VR to Solve Real World Problems

Mary Jacobs

October 30, 2018

In January of 2015, the United Nations initiated a plan to utilize the growing access and understanding of virtual reality so that people could experience firsthand the plight and stories of the disadvantaged. Currently, United Nations...

#StopSucking: The Cause of 2018

Harper Daniels

October 30, 2018

It’s unlikely you made it through this summer without experiencing an effect of the #StopSucking campaign. Perhaps you saw a post about it on Instagram or were refused a straw at a restaurant. This is a result of environmen...

Friar Faceoff: Universal Health Care, For

Riosin Smith

October 3, 2018

Free health care should be available in America with a two-tier system. The United States is one of the last developed nations yet to provide universal health care. Countries like Australia, Singapore, and France have found a...

Friar Faceoff: Universal Health Care, Against

Ben Brown

October 3, 2018

In theory, a public health care plan sounds like a fantastic idea- it’s free for everyone, right? Wrong. The money for a government-subsidized health care system comes right out of the pockets of the citizens through an increase...

Cuba After Fidel

Cuba After Fidel

January 24, 2017

Japan’s Population Plummets

Sean Muldowney

March 22, 2016

Japan, a country known for its large population in comparison to land area, is making world news for the country’s population figures; it might not be what one would expect. The most recent census signifies that over a five...

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