Drones Fly Into Our Future

Possibly the most popular device to come out of 2015 for recreational use was the drone. A drone in an unmanned aircraft that is controlled by a remote. It is capable of flying around at difference distances and altitudes and with over one million drones sold since 2015, we can expect to see these innovative machines dominating the sky. However, the future of drones is being called into question not only for personal use, but in the use of the military as more and more instances of drone abuse are accruing.
While drones have only become popular in the last couple years, they have been in use since their invention in 1916. Nikola Tesla is credited with thinking up the idea of unmanned aircrafts and ever since then they’ve played crucial roles in all major wars ranging from WW1 to operation Enduring Freedom. While their incredible ability to collect intelligence, monitor hot spots, and protect American lives is undeniable, many have raised very valid objections to the devastation drones can cause. In recent years’ anti-drone advocacy groups have called attention to how dangerous drones can be and the collateral damage they can cause. Despite the criticism, the government has poured mass amounts of funding into the drone program. So as for the future of drones in our military, we can expect their use to increase in the battlefield and possibility one day see American involvement in foreign conflicts consist only of drones.
Although drones “it” gadget nowadays, groups like the TSA and the FAA are not happy about the potential risks having drones flying around imposes on planes. Multiple instances have been reported of drones interfering with aircrafts causing severe safety risks which aren’t taken lightly. The governments has initiated several new laws that restrict drone usage to prevent any accidents from happening because it has become apparent that drones are going nowhere. Groups like amazon have no turned to drones as a method of delivery systems, photographers and film crews use drones to capture unique aerial shots, even the everyday person enjoy the playful nature of flying drones around.
The future of technology will contain an infinite number of inventions that will absolutely change the course of humanity and many of those inventions are yet to be thought of. But if one thing is for sure, drones will hold a place in the future as the next step to innovation.