Peace Between Israel and Palestine is Ever Breached

The fighting between Israel and Palestine has been a constant source of tension in the region since 1948 when Israel was given Palestinian territory under revisions of the British Mandate. Almost 10,000 people on both the Israeli and Palestinian sides have been killed in this growing conflict since its start and with recent uprisings in neighboring countries in the Middle East, the fighting between Palestine and Israeli increases daily.
The conflict began in 1948 when the international community, in response the multitudes of Jewish refugees from WWII, decided to revise the British-mandated territory of Palestine and took massive amounts of Palestinian land to create Israel, a place for the Jewish refugees to go. Approximately 700,000 Palestinians were displaced and about 500 villages destroyed in the process. During the next nineteen years, Palestine began creating groups like the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) and Israel started fighting with neighboring countries to gain control over the West Bank, Sinai Peninsula, and the Gaza strip. Since 1967, there have been constant eruptions of fighting between Israel and Palestine because their locations, the West Bank and Gaza strip, are hot spots for outbreaks of violence.
The past year has been the deadliest in the region in almost two years. The latest outburst of conflict began in June of 2014 when three Israeli teenagers were abducted and killed, the murders were blamed on Hamas, (a Palestinian militant group) which led to Israel increasing its air strikes on the territory. Tensions escalated again in July of 2014 when a Palestinian teenager was killed in Jerusalem by six Israeli men to avenge the deaths of the three Israeli teens. Since the murders, Israel has increased its air strikes, beefed up its police/ military presence in the Gaza strip, and have been enforcing stricter regulations on the transport of goods between the regions. Palestinian militants have been attacking Israel with rocket propelled grenades and staging various protests around the Gaza strip. There have been many attempts at a cease-fire, all of which have failed within a short period of time.
In recent weeks, Israel has resolved to use unconventional and unlawful resources to crack down on the Palestinians. In October of 2015, sixty-nine Palestinians were killed by Israeli forces. The victims included unarmed protesters, bystanders and alleged “threats” to Israel. In one of the most recent attacks in late October, three Palestinians were killed, including an eight-month old baby, by tear gas from Israeli forces. Different protestors from Palestine have all stated that Israeli forces use lethal measures to end protests immediately, they practice no caution and shoot indiscriminately into crowds of protestors. Different human rights groups have condemned Israel’s brutal tactics and are petitioning for another cease-fire.
The conflict between Israel and Palestine has become obsolete to the global community because newer problems like the Syrian Civil war or the rise of ISIS dominate media coverage. It is easy to turn our attention to the more dramatic news stories of the day, but it is important to remember that there is a war going on between Israel and Palestine. It is a war that has claimed thousands of lives and has been the backbone of modern day Middle Eastern conflict. Many international leaders believe that there will be no peaceful resolve for the two countries, but as Nelson Mandela once said, “It always seems impossible until it is done.” While a peace resolve to decades-old issues in the two countries seems impossible now, with right amount of support, compromise and growth, there may yet be a light at the end of the tunnel for Israel and Palestine.