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The twelfth annual season of NBC’s America’s Got Talent, America’s favorite talent show, just ended, and as the judges Howie Mandel, Mel B., Heidi Klum, and Simon Cowell consistently point out, “This is the best season yet!” Not only were the acts spectacular in their own, from a twelve year old singing ventriloquist to an act only effective in the dark, but this season had the largest influx of votes in America’s Got Talent history. Here is a recap of the top ten performances, decided upon by the people of America.
“Diavolo” is fantastic. The act consists of a large group of dancers who perform on grand sets and risk their lives in order to produce the stunning spectacle. The performance is unlike anything the audience of America’s Got Talent has ever seen.
When vocal artist, Kechi, was a teenager in Nigeria, she went with her class on an airplane trip after Christmas break. The plane crashed, killing fifteen students and the rest of the travelers. Kechi alone survived, but sustained serious burns which manifest themselves in scar tissue which covers her body. Kechi thought her dream of performing was over, but found hope in America’s Got Talent. The singer does not have the standards of stereotypical beauty, but reveals her beauty in her confidence and extraordinary voice.
Chase Goehring is, as Howie Mandel refers to him, the “lovechild of Logic and Ed Sheeran.” He is a 21-year-old singer songwriter, and presents his catchy songs to the audience with varying speeds, from mellow to rapid, in the one thirty-second period. The world will be seeing a lot more of Chase Goehring.
Preacher Lawson was the only comedian left in the competition for a reason. America usually rejects comedians for the show, but Lawson presents himself with a charisma that brings the audience to uproarious laughter every time he comes on stage.
A living oxymoron, Mandy Harvey is a deaf vocalist. She lost her hearing when she was nineteen, ten years before the start of this season, but is still able to present her beautiful voice. How? Through the use of muscle memory and the vibrations her voice and the instruments, that’s how. She can be seen singing without shoes on, to better feel the sound. Harvey pushes the boundaries of music by appealing to the other senses.
Diavolo, Kechi, Chase Goehring, Preacher Lawson, and Mandy Harvey all tied for places six through ten. The top five were eliminated one by one.
Sara and her dog, Hero, took fifth place. Though the dog made several mistakes in the final show, the act was carried to the top five because of the creative costumes, feats of obedience, and songs (and a pretty cute dog).
Fourth place was given to Evie Clair, a thirteen-year old singer. The last performance was particularly hard for Evie because she was without the support of her dad. Evie’s father was terminally ill with colon cancer, and died just weeks before the finale. Her spectacular final performance, a rendition of “What a Wonderful World,” was dedicated to him, and the emotional act inspired the millions of voters.
With the limited knowledge of programming and choreography they knew, a group of Ukrainian immigrants created the third-place act, “Light Balance.” The performance consists of dancers performing in complete darkness, with programmed lights that flicker with the beat of the song. “Light Balance” is artistically stunning, and we hope to see more of them.
After the elimination of “Light Balance,” only two contestants were left: two young, female singers: Angelica Hale, and Darci Lynn. They were different in all other aspects. The world voted to put Angelica Hale, the ten-year-old pop singer with the vocal power of artists such as Adele and Aretha Franklin, against Darci Lynn, the vocal artist who took none of the credit by claiming the puppets she embodied sang instead of her. The incredible ventriloquy paired spectacularly well, and America cheered as our favorite, Darci Lynn, won the contest and the million-dollar prize.
The talent presented in this season of America’s Got Talent was unprecedented. Spectacular performances from all acts inspire and amaze the people of America. With any luck, next year’s season will be just as great, and until then, we have high hopes for Darci Lynn, America’s singing-ventriloquist sweetheart!

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